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BallerTykes is a youth sports program (currently offering basketball & soccer) for kids aged 2-8 located in Bowie, MD. Our hand-crafted curriculum teaches the fundamentals of sports skills through exciting, child-friendly themes. We also promote social-emotional development by incorporating character words into practices that are linked to the character themes present in the story read at the end of practice. We place an emphasis on building self-confidence through positive reinforcement.


Youth sports today generally place an overemphasis on competition. This focus on competition rather than skill development kills confidence in kids before they ever really get started. Thus, BallerTykes is fully inclusive of all skill abilities and social-emotional capacities such as children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


At BallerTykes, we empower young children to believe they can be whoever they want to be whether that’s the next Michael Jordan or Amanda Gorman.


Our mission is to provide children with a fun sports experience while teaching foundational skills and fostering social-emotional development. Our specialized, age-appropriate curriculum is implemented by knowledgeable coaches. We guarantee skill and character development in a positive, family-friendly environment!


 We strive to achieve our mission through our Five-Star Pillars. 

BallerTykes provides a family-friendly atmosphere. Parents are not only welcomed at practices but encouraged to participate with their child when applicable. Not only will children look forward to practice each week, families will as well because BallerTykes is an experience the entire family will enjoy!




We focus on fun via our child-friendly and exciting practice themes! When children quit playing sports, it is generally due to it not being fun for them anymore. So, whether we are dinosaurs or superheroes, you can rest assured that your child's first introduction to sports will be an enjoyable experience. 



Our "I Know I Can" mantra promotes a mentality of fearlessness and helps to develop self-confidence. We want children to be fearless in their pursuit of being whoever they want to be in the future, whether it involves sports or not.



At BallerTykes, we prioritize teaching the fundamentals to promote skill development by using positive-reinforcement. It doesn't matter what skill level your child is at, we can ensure that their foundational skills will be improved by the end of the season.


Our curriculum promotes social-emotional development as we encourage the development of positive peer relationships by emphasizing teamwork. BallerTykes is an opportunity for children to develop friendships.

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